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Integrative Care for a Healthy, Balanced Life

Integrative Care is about assessing the whole patient and partnering to treat the person and not just the condition.

Rather than working with a myriad of specialists, who each view your condition through their own lens, Dr. Bernardo Merizalde works with each patient as an individual to understand their whole self – medical history, goals, and emotional and spiritual dimensions. healthy and balanced life.

The integrative care model integrates nutrition, functional medicine, mind body therapy and homeopathy into a patient treatment philosophy that emphasizes holistic, baland, thoughtful care for a healthy, balanced life. Patients are collaborators in the process and treated with dignity.

Patients are collaborators in the process and treated with dignity.

The majority of people that seek out Dr. Merizalde are tired of conventional approaches that are not working for them. Typically, they’ve seen three, four or five different practitioners and they really have not seen significant change. They are taking medications for a long time and want to come off.

To learn if you’re a candidate for Integrative Care, schedule an appointment with Dr. Bernardo Merizalde.

A vocal advocate for the practice of integrative care and homeopathy, Dr. Merizalde has written extensively on the topic. He is an active member of various world-renowned integrative care and homeopathic institutions, including the International Homeopathic Medical League, the American Institute of Homeopathy, and the Department of Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University.

The Four Pillars of Integrative Life

Functional Medicine

Focuses on natural processes the body uses to function, grow, detoxify and heal based on the science of biochemistry.


We are more than bodies. Integrating hearts and minds into healthcare is crucial for well-being and patient-centered care.


Food is how we nourish our bodies. A sound nutritional plan is the cornerstone of proactive and preventive healthcare.


Relies on the body’s natural tendency for equilibrium, using dilutions of natural substances to encourage the body to reset imbalances.