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Executive Coaching in Integrative Care

Dr. Bernardo Merizalde offers comprehensive Integrative Care Executive Coaching for medical providers and practitioners.

Become a better healer, a better practitioner and a better patient partner.

Integrative Care considers the patient as a complete being, rather than someone with a list of ailments. The integrative care model helps providers integrate nutrition, functional medicine, mind body therapy and homeopathy into their practices to provide holistic, balanced, thoughtful care in a way that will improve patient benefits.

This comprehensive approach not only leads to better results for the patient, it saves the individual and the entire system time, money and resources.

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach in integrative care.

Learn how to incorporate it into your practice and patient approach with Executive Coaching from Dr. Bernardo Merizalde.

A vocal advocate for the practice of integrative care and homeopathy, Dr. Merizalde has written extensively on the topic. He is an active member of various world-renowned integrative care and homeopathic institutions, including the International Homeopathic Medical League, the American Institute of Homeopathy, and the Department of Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University.

The Four Pillars of Integrative Life

Functional Medicine

Focuses on natural processes the body uses to function, grow, detoxify and heal based on the science of biochemistry.


We are more than bodies. Integrating hearts and minds into healthcare is crucial for well-being and patient-centered care.


Food is how we nourish our bodies. A sound nutritional plan is the cornerstone of proactive and preventive healthcare.


Relies on the body’s natural tendency for equilibrium, using dilutions of natural substances to encourage the body to reset imbalances.