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Incorporate Integrative Care Modalities into Your Practice 

Executive coaching that expands your practice, revenue, and value to patients.

When you care for the whole patient, everything changes.  Conventional medicine often falls short in considering the myriad factors influencing health and wellness.  By adopting Integrative Care modalities into your practice, you become a more effective healer.   

The Four Pillars of Integrative Life

Functional Medicine

Focuses on natural processes the body uses to function, grow, detoxify and heal based on the science of biochemistry.


We are more than bodies. Integrating hearts and minds into healthcare is crucial for well-being and patient-centered care.


Food is how we nourish our bodies. A sound nutritional plan is the cornerstone of proactive and preventive healthcare.


Relies on the body’s natural tendency for equilibrium, using dilutions of natural substances to encourage the body to reset imbalances.

Integrative Life Treatment Modalities

Bernardo A Merizalde, M.D, DHt, believes in integrating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions to reach a maximum of health and well-being possible for each individual. To reach this goal he incorporates various therapeutic modalities such as:

For Colleagues

For providers who have seen firsthand that conventional medicine has limits, integrative care provides ancient, traditional and new sets of tools to bring about greater health and wellness. Read More

For Patients

For patients who have experienced unsatisfying outcomes with conventional medicine, integrative care can unlock new opportunities for healings. Read More

Our Philosophy

By the sacred laws of divine nature, aided by the experience of the wise and grace through the process of transformation to the synthesis of the opposites — Physical and Spiritual, Conscious and Unconscious; Feminine and Masculine; Alpha and Omega — transcending until the final reunion with the One.

Physical and Spiritual


Conscious and Unconscious


Feminine and Masculine


Alpha and Omega



What Our Patients Say:

“I have been Dr. Merizalde’s patient since 2010. Since then he has helped me recover from a number of chronic and acute ailments. Because my body is very sensitive, I have appreciated his gentle, yet effective, approach to wellness. He has taken into consideration my mind, body, and spirit, and helped uncover relationships between these areas of life, and how imbalance in one area has impacted another. Consequently, not only has my physical well being improved under his guidance, but also my psychological and spiritual well being. He was always very warm, friendly, and present with me.”