The Latest on Psychedelics in Psychiatry

The use of psychedelics for medicinal and psychiatric purposes has received significant news coverage in the last month in medical and mainstream media. The dialogue, as always, is about its legitimacy and effectiveness. Dr. Merizalde shares his philosphy and knowledge of it effectiveness and best practices.

How Integrative Care Aligns With the Patient-Centered Care Model

Many of the tenets underpinning patient-centered care are inherent in an integrative approach to medicine. It’s Holistic An integrative practitioner assesses the entire patient. Rather than looking only for symptoms within a narrow diagnostic criteria or specialty, an integrative care doctor considers the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of each patient. By considering the… Continue reading How Integrative Care Aligns With the Patient-Centered Care Model

Why Patient-Centered Care Is So Vital Today

Patients want a hands-on and collaborative approach to their care, therefore involving them in decision-making and treatment is vital.

Research in homeopathy

Research in homeopathy is frequently criticized, dismissed, or ignored. This offers an explanation. Although there are substantial numbers of documented provings, they are essentially case reports with the inherent limitations thereof. Numerous objective studies have been attempted, but most are wrought with methodological limitations with wide variations in results.One extensive review of the homeopathic literature… Continue reading Research in homeopathy

Can I use homeopathic remedies on my pet?

Just as your homeopath looks at “the big picture” before prescribing homeopathic remedies, your homeopathic veterinarian will want a complete overview in order to match the right remedy to the patient’s symptoms. Because pets rarely speak, you will need to convey the necessary information, just as you need to do with an infant.Some common and… Continue reading Can I use homeopathic remedies on my pet?

Why homeopathy

Why should you choose homeopathy for yourself and those you love? Because it works. My patients and I have seen that closely matching a homeopathic remedy to a specific symptom picture is the only way of making a person both feel better and achieve good health. This is what homeopathy’s founder Samuel Hahnemann called the… Continue reading Why homeopathy