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Incorporate Integrative Care Modalities into Your Practice 

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When you care for the whole patient, everything changes.  Conventional medicine often falls short in considering the myriad factors influencing health and wellness.  By adopting Integrative Care modalities into your practice, you become a more effective healer.   

The Four Pillars of Integrative Life

Functional Medicine

Focuses on natural processes the body uses to function, grow, detoxify and heal based on the science of biochemistry.


We are more than bodies. Integrating hearts and minds into healthcare is crucial for well-being and patient-centered care.


Food is how we nourish our bodies. A sound nutritional plan is the cornerstone of proactive and preventive healthcare.


Relies on the body’s natural tendency for equilibrium, using dilutions of natural substances to encourage the body to reset imbalances.

Integrative Life Treatment Modalities

Bernardo A Merizalde, M.D, DHt, believes in integrating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions to reach a maximum of health and well-being possible for each individual. To reach this goal he incorporates various therapeutic modalities such as:

For Colleagues

For providers who have seen firsthand that conventional medicine has limits, integrative care provides ancient, traditional and new sets of tools to bring about greater health and wellness. Read More

For Patients

For patients who have experienced unsatisfying outcomes with conventional medicine, integrative care can unlock new opportunities for healings. Read More

Our Philosophy

By the sacred laws of divine nature, aided by the experience of the wise and grace through the process of transformation to the synthesis of the opposites — Physical and Spiritual, Conscious and Unconscious; Feminine and Masculine; Alpha and Omega — transcending until the final reunion with the One.

Physical and Spiritual


Conscious and Unconscious


Feminine and Masculine


Alpha and Omega



What Our Patients Say:

Sue S
“Dr. Merizalde has been our doctor for over 16 years. He is kind, compassionate, a great listener and really smart! We have a special needs child and Dr. Merizalde has followed our son since he was one year old. He is our advisor when it comes to various medical decisions regarding our son. Dr. Merizalde thinks out of the box and is highly committed to his patients. He is also very available, which is a wonderful trait for any doctor in this day and age! He really cares and he connects with his patients. Our son loves him. His staff is excellent too! When you ask forsomething it gets done immediately! They are great! I highly recommend this practice!”
“When I met Dr. Merizalde I was experiencing a hypomanic episode and was barely able to function as a mother of two young children. My marriage was dangling by a thread and I had extreme depression, anxiety and sleep disorder. Dr Merizalde is a gifted and compassionate doctor who has treated me with a blend of allopathic medications and homeopathic remedies. As a result I have been able to function in the work force, raise two responsible and successful children and remain married for 38 years. I choose to be treated by a Homeopathic Psychiatrist because I have extreme sensitivities to most prescription and OTC drugs.I would be lost without the medical care and counseling...”
“Dr. Merizalde has been my therapist, physician, teacher, and coach, since August 2011. According to my needs, he has been by turns, both compassionate and challenging and consequently, I’ve experienced healing and growth. Dr. Merizalde's practice combines homeopathy and conventional medicine. In the beginning, I was skeptical of the homeopathy part. Shortly, however, I realized its capacity to reduce the frequency and severity of a chronic condition as well as completely heal a condition that had not been responsive to conventional medicine over five years of treatment..."
James Alexander
“I have been Dr. Merizalde’s patient since 2010. Since then he has helped me recover from a number of chronic and acute ailments. Because my body is very sensitive, I have appreciated his gentle, yet effective, approach to wellness. He has taken into consideration my mind, body, and spirit, and helped uncover relationships between these areas of life, and how imbalance in one area has impacted another. Consequently, not only has my physical well being improved under his guidance, but also my psychological and spiritual well being... I trust him completely and recommend him highly to anyone who is looking for an approach to wellness that embraces both the conventional and alternative...”
“Highly recommended to us by our homeopathic physician of 17 years, Dr. Paul Bahder M.D. in Princeton NJ (who has since passed away), we have found Dr. Merizalde to be a very kind, compassionate, gifted and knowledgeable physician; our family has known Dr. Merizalde for about 4 years now, and we are very pleased with the integrative medicine he is offering.”
Annabel Grote
“I have been with Dr. Merizalde for thirty years, since the beginning of his private practice. Working with him has significantly influenced my life path, allowing me to maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and spiritual health while using and learning about homeopathic remedies. I have been blessed with a deeply therapeutic relationship which has given me unparalleled responsivity and care. Dr. Merizalde has taught me to be patient, to watch and document symptoms as they come and go, to have confidence that they will shift, to live more easily in a state of impermanence, to trust my intuition, to always keep learning new things, as he does... I am so very grateful.”
“I have known Dr Merizalde for about twelve years, during which he has treated both my wife and me. His remedies have generally helped us both with all health issues, whether physical or psychological. Through his guidance, he has steered us away from dependence on pharmaceutical solutions to our ills, and helped set us on a more holistic path. When Allopathic medications are required, he is fully qualified to prescribe appropriate medications judiciously. He has literally changed to course of my wife's steady decline from the ravages of the effects of Type one Diabetes and its effects, both physically and emotionally.”
“Dr. Merizalde has been my physician for many years. His innate ability to listen and to diagnose has been instrumental in resolving multiple health concerns. I am grateful to be in his expert care.”
Mary Adelle Himmer
“Our adult son who is on the spectrum and I have been working with Dr. Merizalde for roughly 15 years. He has come up with creative suggestions at each and every visit, making a huge difference. And it is nice that he is a homeopath which makes it so our son does not need to take needless and possibly harmful prescription drugs in order to avail of his amazing expertise. Thank you Dr. Merizalde.”